Hearing Aids

Signia (Previously known as Siemens): Cellion


$1500-$3000 (Best buy)

battery life


    sound focusing


      eco friendly



        • Ecofriendly
        • Waterproof
        • Long battery life


        • Highly flammmable battery
        • poor sound focusing
        • no provision for non-rechargeable batteries.

        the most important feature of Cellion:


        The key features:

        • The Cellion gives aproximatelly twenty four hours of operating time once fully charged. The lithium ion powered cell has made the hearing aids battery free as claimed Signia.
        • The charging of the hearing aid can be done in maximum of 4 hours. That guarantees twenty four hours of uninterrupted streaming. A thirty minute charging is able to ensure that the hearing aids run for a minimum of seven hours whenever there’s an emergency.
        • For individuals that travel frequently, the chargers have a standard micro USB interface to enable charging from any USB based sources as laptops or perhaps power banks.
        • The IP668 rating means that the hearing aids are actually waterproof and not only water resistant or perhaps splash resistant. It enables users to swim with hearing aids and can stand up to a certain depth in the water.
        • Cellion provides the feature of wireless connectivity to the phones. The hearing aids also have the ability to turn in ear phones when connected to a phone
        • The hearing aid also has the recognition of direction. The feature helps in recognizing from which direction the sound is actually coming from. The Signia app helps in distilling background noise to focus on only on the required sound.



        The easy connectivity of Cellion helps the hearing aid to become much more than that.


        The hardware features of Cellion include:


        The software features of the Cellion include:







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